Equality does not discriminate. 
The rights of the woman or man 
Or the queer one’s fate 
Is not for the supreme power 
To calculate. 

There is need to educate. 
Being born as a girl 
And not a boy, does not make you inadequate. 
Being queer is natural, 
It’s not a joke or illness, so don’t humiliate. 

We must contemplate. 
Why the queers are not allowed 
To procreate. 
They also can’t marry or parent 
Lest they contaminate? 
Accept, don’t differentiate. 
Let her race wearing her spikes
Or lead in her heels in a corporate
She can choose to marry or not
Or celebrate her same sex soul mate.

Recognize talent that’s innate. 
Why stare at her assets 
Or laugh at his effeminate voice to subjugate? 
Equal pay for equal efforts 
Should be a basic mandate. 

Victory is but a stalemate. 
Misogyny and Homophobia 
Reduce us to slave state. 
The same traditions and customs 
Also make you suffocate. 

Time to embrace and liberate. 
Aren’t we all
Just as ‘queer’ as we are straight? 
Ditch the binary. Adopt the plural. 
Let us give our gender norms an update. 

We won’t yield. So don’t dominate. 
We are unified against oppression. 
We won’t let you manipulate. 
Feminists and the Queer- we have but one aim, 
Patriarchy, soon you shall disintegrate.

The destination of a Feminist and the LGBTQ+ community is the same, then why should our journeys be different?
Note: When I use the word queer in quotes, I refer to it being strange or odd. But when I use it without quotes, I refer to the umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities who are not heterosexual and/or not cisgender.

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