Patriarchy, Misogyny, Bigotry
No it is the ignorance silly that makes us angry.
‘Oh no don’t say angry, we don’t want to be known as crazy’
Ha! No more gaslighting or other means to make us doubt our own sanity!
‘Women don’t know what they want. They’re so flaky.’
Just one of those things that make us go -Why so judgy?
So here’s a list of things that we don’t want. Listen carefully.
Blame it on cultural conditioning if none of it makes sense to thee.
We don’t want rules and boundaries
We don’t always want the pressure of being a good girl or a lady
We don’t want to be superwomanly
Sometimes we just want to be lazy.
We don’t want to be pigeon-holed as pretty, hot or sexy
We don’t want to be judged for anything but our abilities
We don’t want to miss any opportunity
Just because we got married and had a baby
We don’t want to be ignored or put down needlessly
We don’t want to deal with any biases while ascending corporate hierarchy
We don’t want to work just because we need pocket money
We don’t want to quit work just to fulfill familial duties
We don’t want to do anything just to please the society
We don’t want to be told what should be our priorities
We don’t want to be groped or touched inappropriately
We don’t want our safety to be only our responsibility
We don’t want to be pressured into suffering abuse silently
We don’t want to be doubted when we report it regretfully
We don’t want big gestures, just some empathy
We don’t want reservation, just inclusivity
In this world that is talking about big things like gender fluidity
We don’t want anything more than being able to express our identity
We don’t want to piss off anyone majorly
But we also don’t want to lose our mental stability
We may raise our voice but don’t want complete anarchy
We just don’t want unfairness and hence are pursuing equality

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