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Today, you are going to meet an author whose work you have most probably not come across. I wouldn’t have either if it hadn’t been for #AuthorChatter. I have only read snippets of his work, but I think that every line that he writes drips with wisdom. I am so glad to have had got this opportunity to the explore the mind of an author who has published four books. Yup!! First-time authors…lot’s of advice coming your way!

Super excited to introduce…Tomichan Matheikal!! 

Tomichan Matheikal is an avid reader and compulsive blogger. ( He has published three books prior to ‘Life’s Magic’: ‘English Poetry – From John Donne to Ted Hughes’, ‘Yearnings’ and ‘The Nomad Learns Morality’ and is currently working on ‘Autumn Shadows’ and ‘Black Hole’.

What are his ambitions as a writer? Let’s find out. 

Tomichan - Favourites


Q1. Your book has a lot of wisdom in it. You have looked at life from various angles – religion, spirituality, art, politics, history etc. What age-group of readers do you think will pick up the book? Who do you think should?

A: The “angles” you mentioned are some of my addictions and so it is only natural that my writing is suffused with them. Soon after Life’s Magic went online, I began to receive feedback from readers who belonged to different age groups. The feedback is ample proof that people of different age groups liked the book though I had youngsters in mind while I wrote the book.

Q2.      You say you are an avid reader and compulsive blogger. How do you balance riding and reading? Which book have you read the most number of times?

A: I can read anywhere, any time. Moreover, I am an early bird. My mornings begin with three newspapers. There is always a book with me which I read as soon as I find myself free. When it comes to writing, the ideas are already formulated before I sit down before my laptop. The thinking process happens while I’m walking or climbing up or down staircases. The writing itself does not take much time. There are many books which have demanded re-reading from me: Apart from Zorba the Greek by Kazantzakis, the novels of Franz Kafka and Dostoevsky have come out of my bookshelf again and again.  

Q3.      What is the difference in writing a blog post and writing a book? Do you approach them differently?

A: I approach blog writing rather lightly. When it comes to writing a book, I’m much more serious.

Q4.     You have published three books already and after ‘Life’s Magic’ you say you’re working on two others. As an experienced author, do you have advice for first-time or aspiring authors?

A: The vital thing about writing is that it should emanate from one’s deepest convictions. Readers always see through the authenticity of the writing first.

 Q5.    You have written a book of short stories encompassing mythology and history. You have also critically studied poetry!  Which is the genre you love writing in? And is it different from your favourite reading genre?

A: I prefer prose to poetry. I read literary fiction more ferociously than any other genre. However, poetry has a unique charm and it can articulate certain emotions much more effectively than prose. When it comes to writing too, I choose prose first. Poetry chooses me at times.

Q6.   What are your ambitions as a writer?

A: To reach out to as many readers as I can. I wish I had thousands and thousands of readers. More readers will surely challenge me to perform better as a writer.

Q7.    How difficult is it to think up of names for characters? If you could have renamed yourself, what would it be?

A: Characters usually reveal their names to me without much difficulty. The names are significant. They can reveal much about the identity of the character. Personally, I never liked my name. But I have never thought of an alternative merely because I feel now it wouldn’t make any difference.

Q8.   How do you overcome Writer’s Block?

A: I think of something wonderful already said by one of my favourite writers. A quote, for example. Then I begin to play with that quote or idea. Something interesting emerges from that normally.

Q9. Describe your process for research while writing.

A: I use both my personal library and the internet for my research. Books are more reliable than the web though for verifying certain details or latest information the net comes in handy. Whenever I use the net, I check and recheck to make sure that I’ve got it right. 

Q10. Share some valuable tips for publishing and marketing an eBook.

A: I’m a failure in this regard. However, my experience is that the more contacts you have, the better your chances of selling your work. The first persons who bought my books were my friends and acquaintances. The other buyers came via reviews, hearsay, and social networks. Connections matter: that’s the first secret.


'Life's Magic'

Book Blurb: Here is the A to Z mantra to a magical life. Life can be magical if we are ready to change just a few things in our life. What are those few things? Read this short book to find out. Discover the wizard within you.

Download Tomichan’s newest eBook ‘Life’s Magic’ from BlogChatter’s page. You can also read Tina Sequeira’s review of his eBook.

Here’s wishing Tomichan all the best for the eBook and all his future endeavours. Wishing you lots of success!!

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